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A Paperless Office

Nov 25

Many businesses aspire to running a paper-free office, where desks are clutter-free, filing cabinets are obsolete and there’s never the worry of losing an important document.

Switching from paper to electronic processes can bring numerous benefits to a business, helping it to become more efficient, improving customer service and making significant cost savings.

The costs of handling documents quickly adds up when you consider the time spent by staff opening post, processing information and filing it away for future reference. Then if you need to find it again, you’ll find yourself rummaging through filing cabinets and in-trays searching for the document in question. A conservative estimate, based on the research by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Gartner, shows that a company with 5 staff, each handling 10 documents per day will face costs of around £31,500 per year.

By using an efficient electronic document management system, savings can be made on filing and storage costs, indexing and retrieval is more flexible, the risk of lost files is eliminated, disaster recovery is provided, security is improved, document distribution is controlled and regulatory compliance is improved.

With these benefits in mind, we work with Draycir to supply an integrated document management solution for customers using Sage.

Spindle Document Capture offers an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that enables users to capture incoming documents and electronically archive and retrieve them from within Sage 200, whenever they need to and without the need to leave their desk. Every single captured document is linked to an order or transaction within Sage 200, so it’s instantly available to retrieve when it’s needed. It’s also a great complementary product to Spindle Professional, the document distribution solution.

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