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When Ransomware Attacks

Aug 15

In the third of a series of blog posts around IT security, Gavin Brown - Pinnacle's Head of IT Support - gives his top tips on what to do when Ransomware attacks.

1.Take the suspect device off the network
The sooner you shut off the compromised device, the better your chances of isolating the problem. Cut all internet connection, disable all shared drives and turn the computer off.

2. Speak to Patient Zero
Talk to the user of the suspect device to find out what happened prior to the infection. Did they open any spam emails?

3. Inform the rest of your staff
Make all employees aware of the problem and include any useful information from patient zero.

4. Run your Security Software
Make sure your Security Software is operational on all other devices on the network.  
*It is vital that security software is continuously updated.*

5. Involve your IT Partner
Contact your IT Partner to take it from here. There is often a time limit involved with Ransomware and so make sure to call urgently.

In an ideal scenario, it will be possible to restore your data from a recent backup and make a fresh start. All possibilities should be exhausted before any ransom money is paid. 

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