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Pinnacle makes its mark at first Midlands Business Network Expo

Jul 04

The Midlands Business Network Exhibition took place at Aston Villa Football Club, on Friday the 29th of June, encouraging over 120 businesses to amplify their presence in the local Midlands B2B market. With Pinnacle’s recent acquisition of Sage Partner MSA and office relocation to The Longbridge Innovation Centre in Birmingham, the event provided another opportunity to display commitment to growth in the Midlands. Jonathan Clarke, Business Development Consultant, who attended the event reflects on his experience!

The event took place in a large conference centre at the front of the Villa Park stadium. Businesses of all shapes and sizes took to the floor in a large hall while an upstairs gallery was used for networking events and keynote speakers.

Some bacon buddies and coffee opened the networking breakfast for Gold Exhibitors at 8:30. After a brief welcome the attendees were given the opportunity to mix and kickstart their networking.

Steady waves of people explored the stands between 10-1 with Pinnacle meeting many companies, from a variety of industries, in the market for Sage Software and IT Services. Talking to businesses about how their IT Infrastructure contributes to their business is exactly the consultative role Pinnacle want to play while integrating themselves into the local market.

Another influx of people arrived in early afternoon with Birmingham’s manufacturing companies shutting early on Fridays. Despite the beaming sunshine outside, the crowd’s kept coming.

Between two and three a speed networking event took place. An algorithm had been worked out so that 8 tables of 8 people could speak for a minute on their companies and then move on to another table, meeting the same people as few times as possible.

The event was a great way for Pinnacle to get immersed in local business and will no doubt lead to development in the Midlands.

We would like to extend our thanks to the organisers and look out for the Faces Of Pinnacle at the next event being hosted at NAEC, Warwickshire:

#MBNEXPO18 #FacesOfPinnacle

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Interesting Fact!!

Pinnacle’s new office in Birmingham is located at 1 Devon Way, Longbridge Technology Park, Birmingham, B31 2TS

Previously known as the “Longbridge Plant”, this historic industrial complex produced Austin Motors and the original Mini. Opening in 1905, the Longbridge Plant resulted in employing 25,000 workers who supported World War 2 by producing munitions and tank parts on site.

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