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Backup - Best Practice Advice | Veeam

May 24

For the third blog in our series around backups, we are joined by Veeam Software. Pinnacle partnered with Veeam who deliver a variety of backup options such as cloud. Veeam have provided us with some best practice advice to share to ensure your data remains protected.

Ransomware attacks represent a serious threat to organisations across a number of industries worldwide.  The cost of ransomware is not just limited to what the hacker collects from you, but also the costs to recover from the attack. 

Although Veeam doesn't prevent ransomware, the Veeam solution ensures your organisation can quickly and effectively restore critical data infected by ransomware to a known good state.  

Best practice tips for protecting your data

1. The 3-2-1 Method

The 3-2-1 principle is; have three copies of your data backup on two different types of media with one copy being offsite.

  • Three copies of data:  In addition to the primary or production data, there should be a backup copy of the data and also an additional copy of the backup data.  Ideally, these would be stored on different physical devices.
  • Two types of media:  It is imperative to use multiple forms of media to prevent ransomware to avoid drives in the same data centre from being corrupted.  Veeam natively supports backup to a variety of media types including disk, tape, backup appliances and the cloud.

Veeam's advanced backup and replication capabilities make it easy to have off-site, image-based replication and backup copies to a second location.

2. Perform Risk Assessments

Performing regular risk assessments should be part of your overall data protection strategy to proactively identify potential risks.  As part of the risk assessment, you need to be able to verify that data is recoverable and that it can be restored quickly and easily. 

Risk assessment is included in the Veeam Availability Suite.  This is a powerful monitoring, reporting and capacity planning tool for the Veeam backup infrastructure.  It will perform a backup assessment to ensure you are protected and has a built-in alert to warn of potential ransomware activity. 


How Veeam can help you recover from Ransomware

  • Rapid restores from ransomware attacks through fast VM and granular recover to override encrypted ransomware database, applications, files and operating systems.
  • Rapid recover & uninterrupted application performance with tight integration with industry leading storage vendors.

  • Test and discover recover points to quickly and easily discover last good restore point using Veeam On-Demand Sandbox.



The diagram above shows how Veeam Availability Suite provides a turnkey solution to recover from ransomware.  No additional software to buy, the chart includes thest modern storage devices and Veeam Backup & Replication software.

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