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Web Authorisation for Sage 200Nov 06

Save money and time with Web Authorisation for Sage 200

Why you may wish to consider web authorisation for your Sage 200:

  • If you currently approve invoices and have a manual paper system, which may require a signature on the document
  • If you are having difficulty in getting invoices approved, particularly if managers are remote workers or based at regional offices
  • If your require the ability to speed up authorisation of invoices to pay suppliers quicker in order to maintain relationships
  • If invoices typically get lost as a result of leaving them with authorisers.  
  • If paper invoices have to be sent to regional offices for authorisation.
  • If you wish to improve this process and have an audit trail of authorisation.
  • If you are taking up valuable storage with paper invoices (along with other financials documents) in the office and would like to hav these stored electronically 

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