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Sage 1000 training - Purchase Order Variance Analysis (DA0403)Aug 08

The Purchase Order Variance Analysis enhancements introduce new functionality for reporting on purchase price and exchange rate variances.

The Purchase Order Processing options Receipts and Purchase Invoices have been modified to update a new Purchase Variance History file.

Information written to this new file can, depending on the option being run, include details about the planned exchange rate, the actual exchange rate, the standard cost, the purchase price, the invoice price, the receipt quantity and the invoice quantity for each purchase order line.

This two hour online course costs £99/ 150 Euros and will focus on practical application and in-depth understanding so that attendees will complete the course with the ability to apply what they have learned to their own business environment.

Register here to attend or if you have any questions about the course, give the Pinnacle Direct Team a call on 0845 1200 064.


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