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Sage 1000 training - Landed costs including suspended receiptsJul 30

This session covers the configuration and processing of Landed costs within Purchase order processing.

Accurate capturing of all costs associated with importing goods is crucial for assessing total cost to stock, and appropriate pricing policies. Costs such as import tax, excise duty, carriage, freight, insurance can be captured at purchase receipt time either as discrete line level costs, apportioned header level costs, or a combination of both. Apportioned costs can be split by weight, quantity, value or product dimension.

This two hour online course costs £99/ 150 Euros and will focus on practical application and in-depth understanding so that attendees will complete the course with the ability to apply what they have learned to their own business environment.

Register here to attend or if you have any questions about the course, give the Pinnacle Direct Team a call on 0845 1200 064.



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