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Mar 05
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Hacking Android How to find out which apps are spying on you with Sophos MobileMar 05

Presented by our partners Sophos, this webinar will look into analysis techniques you can use on a mobile app to determine what it’s sharing or doing!

We carry mobile devices with us at all times, we take them to bed, we take them to the bathroom.  We’ve seen time and time again what happens if someone clicks the wrong link on a Windows machine. But what happens if you do the same on your mobile? 

What happens if you then later connect to the same network as that mobile device? How can we protect ourselves, our families and our colleagues?  These are all questions I aim to answer during this presentation where I hack into an Android device and use that device to take down a corporate network.


Tuesday 5th March. 14:00. Scroll to register below! 



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