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May 09
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Attackers don’t break in, they log inMay 09

Join our partner Sophos for this interesting webinar focusing on how cybercriminals use social engineering to target your employee's through office 365 and how to protect against it.

Highly targeted social engineering and email fraud attacks are targeting your employees in Office 365. Allowing attackers to bypass the systems, applications and networks they previously attacked with malicious content to gain access to funds, data and access credentials.

With cybersecurity a top priority for organisation and skills in short supply, join us to see how Sophos compliments O365 to catch email attacks and create a security awareness culture among employees.

You’ll see for yourself how:
- Sophos Email closes the gaps in Office 365 email security
- Sophos Phish Threat educates and trains your employees to spot and stop attacks
- The importance of a layered defence against cyber-attacks - managed from a single console – Sophos Central

Thursday 9th May @ 14:00, Register below!

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