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Sep 12
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Introducing ZAP Data Hub for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500Sep 12

If your business is counting the staff-hours of accessing and preparing Sage 1000 data for reporting; if it has a variety of ERP, finance, and CRM systems – or even multiple instances Sage 1000/Line 500 itself – then ZAP Data Hub can quickly automate all of the data management required and deliver cross-functional reporting and analytics out-of-the-box.

ZAP Data Hub connects, collects and unifies business data, integrating it into a secure, governed hub and preparing it for expert analysis with all leading BI tools. It significantly reduces the IT overhead associated with accessing and preparing data for analysis with BI tools. It delivers data governance and security, too. Its automation and intuitive interface replace inefficient and inaccurate manual processes, as well as the need for time-consuming and expensive data warehouse projects.

Join us with product experts from ZAP for this 45 minute overview of ZAP Data Hub to find out more.


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