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ei-TRAX Document Management for Sage 1000Oct 21

Streamline your current paper environment into a simple, easy to use and speedy solution with ei-Trax Document Management.

ei-TRAX is a complete document management solution that will transform the way your business manages information.

  • With ei-TRAX you’ll never lose an important document again
  • ei-Trax will store all files, both paper and electronic, in one place for easy access
  • ei-Trax will enable you to retrieve files on your PC, tablet or smart phone and enable you to e-mail the files to other users as required
  • Once documents are scanned using the ei-Trax workflow and approval modules, ei-TRAX intelligently routes them to the correct user; Get your documents to the right people, instantly and with minimum effort

Join us with Rory Jordon of EI Systems to find out how ei-TRAX will help to improve productivity, save time and give you even more flexibility and control over your business.


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