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A reliable Backup system can save you when data is lost.

The range of back-up solutions is ever changing. Pinnacle will advise on the best options to suit your business type and can support every backup method on the market.

If you are reviewing your backup solution and would like advice on your options, get in touch.

The cost of business downtime is greater than the cost of proper backup systems.

Graham Lilley , IT Support Team Leader Pinnacle

Graham Lilley

Backup Solutions

Onsite Backup

These are the traditional Backup Solutions and are still preferred by many businesses.

Data is stored periodically onto discs, tapes or other storage devices locally.

Advantages include:

  • Companies have their data stored on-site
  • Data can be reached without an internet connection
  • Access to data is not limited by bandwidth

Disadvantages include:

  • Increased responsibility for the company in Data Backup
  • The threat of on-site fire and flood
  • The threat of Hardware Failure.

Off-site Backup

Many companies are opting to store their data in Data Centres rather than on-site.

Data is stored in huge rooms at protected locations and is accessed remotely.

Data Centres are often converted underground Military Bomb-shelters.

Advantages include:  

  •          increased data security
  •          not having to buy your own servers
  •          automatic upgrades
  •          avoiding the risks of on-site fire and flood.


  •          it relies heavily on internet connection.

Disaster Recovery

A Disaster Recovery plan is put in place to recover a company’s systems in the case of major data loss or security breach.

A common solution is the replication of servers, allowing a company to spin up their data in an alternate server if one is compromised or damaged.

This requires specialized Infrastructure and must be configured correctly to be effective.

Disaster Recovery has proven extremely useful to many of our customers in recent years.

DR can be used in cases of:

  • Ransomware Attack
  • Hardware Damage
  • Hardware Failure
  • Accidental Deletion
  • Power outage


 Read about one example of Disaster Recovery in use in this Case Study



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