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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Optimise the efficiency of communications and file sharing with our Office 365 services. Keep your data where you know it is safe and available with Cloud Storage and Data Archive.  Save your data quickly and efficiently with Cloud Backup.


Pinnacle provide a Hosting service meaning you can store your data with us in our professionally maintained server rooms. You no longer need to keep servers on site saving you money on maintenance and replacements. You pay for the continued use of our servers. Your data is readily available to you at all times and can be accessed from anywhere.

Financial benefits - move towards subscription based payment to enable you to forecast and budget while avoiding large sudden costs.

Security benefits - data hosted by Pinnacle is looked after for you by a team of IT experts and protected by robust security infrastructure.

Upgrades and Patches - streamline the process of automatic upgrades to software programs.

Uptime - Our Hosting partner invests heavily in its 21st Century Network and Data Centre Infrastructure. With a 10Gb network, using fully meshed VPLS and MPLS connectivity between 4 key UK Data Centres, their network is monitored 24x7x365 and ensures your business remains connected at all times.

Modernise your network and get the best of both worlds with a Hybrid solution - using both on-premise and cloud based programs.

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