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  • We provide a hosting platform should you want to migrate business processes to the cloud. A hybrid solution of both on-premise and in cloud is often the most beneficial.

Utilise Pinnacle's Hosting Platform

Capable of hosting servers, your website, your phone systems or migrating business processes to the cloud.

The Advantages of Hosting to your Business


Moving from Capital Expenditure to Operational Expenditure

A typical hosted IT Network is paid for in operational instalments. Operational expenditure allows business to continue as normal while the Network is continuously paid for and looked after. Large upfront costs are avoided and the hardware itself is the responsibility of the Hosting Company.


The hosted servers are looked after by IT experts.

The servers used in hosting are state of the art and are continuously monitored. High-end security products are installed meaning the data stored within the servers is highly secure.

Upgrades and Patches

Hosting can streamline the process of upgrades and patches.

This becomes ever more relevant as more software programs roll out cloud solutions.


Hosting companies invest heavily in ensuring their networks are active at all times.

This maximises the availability of your data. Servers rooms are connected to multiple backup power supplies and sophisticated coolant systems prevent hardware from over heating. Having hosted servers can also help you access your data from anywhere and - as you have less servers on site - you are less at risk from the threat of fire and flood.

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