Acumatica – the Cloud ERP solution for our times

December 8, 2020 | News

Andy Thomas Management Team

Pinnacle has become an Acumatica Partner. Support Consultant Andy Thomas explains why we decided to bring this leading pure cloud ERP product into the Pinnacle portfolio and his top features in the product.

At Pinnacle, we constantly review our ERP solutions to ensure we continue to meet the evolving needs of the mid-market. This year, our discussions with customers the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland have highlighted how, with more users working from home, secure remote access to business systems has become critical.

We searched the market for a product that would fit the bill and found that cloud-based Acumatica stood head and shoulders above similar solutions.

First, Acumatica has in-built customisation ability. Most ERP products probably will not meet 100% of business needs exactly and the tools in-built into Acumatica allow us to look at each specific business requirement and create a solution for this. We have found Acumatica to be truly amazing in how easily it can flex. We can configure the programme to Pinnacle customers’ specific requirements by building dashboards, adding fields, and so on.

Furthermore, where traditionally you'd need to integrate third-party software to cover functions such as barcoding or warehouse management, Acumatica has out-of-the-box functionality. To take just one example, do you plan to develop the online arm of your business? We can ‘unlock’ one of many eCommerce platforms for your business such as Shopity, Magento & WooCommerce!

As a cloud solution, on-boarding Acumatica is a fast and streamlined operation, with no installation on server or client machines required. Pinnacle prepares for a speedy go-live by scoping and defining exactly what you require from Acumatica.

Acumatica has a simple, consumption-based pricing model. Traditional ERP solution vendors require you to pay annually upfront for a set number of users. With Acumatica, you pay monthly for what you use, with the opportunity to scale up as your usage expands. You are not restricted to a pre-specified user base, nor do you have to pay all year round for members of staff who rarely access the product.

With benefits like these, it’s not surprising that Acumatica is the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP product. It’s a true digital disrupter.

Acumatica in action

These then, in broad-brush terms, are some of the reasons why we were eager to bring Acumatica into the Pinnacle fold. More specifically, there are three stand-out features that I find particularly impressive:

  • Generic enquiries – What matters to your business? For one Pinnacle customer, it was having complete visibility of the end-to-end lifecycle of a sales order. We’ve built that view and now their team ‘live’ on that screen. If you have the data, we can build to your requirements.

  • Business events – Acumatica lets you set reminders and alerts, so that when anything significant changes in your business (low stock, a sales opportunity going past its expected close date, an overdue invoice…) the right people know about it immediately and can take action.

  • Business-wide visibility - With Acumatica, everything flows, if you are looking at a Dashboard and want to know what values have created that then click on it, and it will ‘drilldown’ to those figures. If you are looking at a transaction in the ledger and need to see the purchase order that created that posting, just click on the source and it will show you that. Do you then need to see if that PO was created to fulfil a Sales order, well it’s on the screen. It’s transparent and logical.

A marriage made in heaven

The combination of Acumatica’s customisable functionality and Pinnacle’s ability to get projects over the line creates an unbeatable proposition. We have decades of experience in delivering ERP solutions, as well as in-depth knowledge of best practice in business functions ranging from finance to CRM to project accounting.

Acumatica and Pinnacle are a good cultural fit, too. They share our commitment to quality and innovation. Indeed, Forbes, G2 and Gartner have all placed Acumatica in a leadership position among cloud ERP vendors.

Go. Pure. Cloud.

If you'd like to discuss how Acumatica could help you to gain greater control of your business, talk to our Acumatica, Cloud ERP Consultants. You'll also find more information, including a short video, on our website.

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