Advice on implementing Business Intelligence

June 25, 2006 | News

Sage Business Intelligence for Sage Line 200/500 - Advice on implementing Business Intelligence

1. Ensure you have an Executive Sponsor for the need for BI

2. Define the business goals of the Business Intelligence solution

3. Define the project objectives during each steps of the Business Intelligence solution

4. Ensure the vision for BI is shared with the Executive Sponsor, your Sage Business Partner and User Group

5. Define the Return on Investment, outlining the specific benefit you expect the business to achieve in the short, medium and long term

6. Focus on an integrated approach; look to deploy one integrated solution with your existing solutions to avoid an unworkable data strategy in the future

7. Make sure the underlying data in your ERP, CRM solutions is accurate and clean

8. Train users effectively and provide user groups to gain mind share and buy in

9. Deploy in phases with regular review and feedback. Deliver reports that provide the most value as early as possible to the business, then modify as your solution expands across the business

The Intelligent Company - Sage White Paper

Accounting and other business systems are packed with useful, and often critical, business information which can be turned to competitive advantage if analysed properly and quickly. A new generation of low cost business intelligence tools is now becoming available to help mid-sized organisations do just find out more download the Sage white paper. Download

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