Arthur Hough & Sons finds the key to innovation, with IT support from Pinnacle

November 5, 2018 | News

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For a company established in 1881, Arthur Hough & Sons shows an impressive ability to adapt to changing times. From its origins as a Black Country key manufacturer, the company is building a sustainable business by being open to new opportunities. The deployment of technology is critical to its progressive business strategy, which is why Arthur Hough & Sons relies on IT services provider Pinnacle for maintenance and support of its IT environment.

Managing Director Richard Evans explains: “The smooth operation of our office system is critical to running an agile and efficient business. You can’t live in the past. Nowadays, competition is global and rising consumer expectations affect the business-to-business market, even in traditional industries like manufacturing. We need to be quick off the mark in distributing to our customers, while keeping our costs down as the price of raw materials escalates.”

He believes that it makes business sense for Pinnacle to provide Arthur Hough & Sons with expert, flexible service, rather than employing a dedicated in-house specialist: “Backups, IT security, network support, general user support, our broadband… I can leave it all to Pinnacle as a single point of contact and get on with running the business.”

Pinnacle helps the company to capitalise on innovations in technology to add value to its customers. Giving an example, Richard Evans says: “In these brand-conscious times, customers often want our labelling to match their corporate identity. With Pinnacle’s help, we’re looking to source and install a new printing system that will allow us to print bespoke customer labels in colour more efficiently. There are a lot of press work companies like ours out there, and offering services like this helps us to stand out from the crowd.”

“This one of the many reasons why we regard Pinnacle as our technology partner, a trusted team that helps us to resolve problems and seize opportunities. They act as our eyes and ears on the IT world, identifying opportunities to improve the infrastructure on which we depend.”

For Pinnacle, Lee Myers, IT Services Business Development Consultant, comments:

“We are proud to support a company that unites a solid manufacturing heritage with a forward-looking approach to IT. Our aim is to provide a single point of contact for responsive technical support on Arthur Hough & Sons’ core server, storage infrastructure, network and desktop environment and the Microsoft Windows platform. We also help in meeting regulatory and security challenges, such as compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into force earlier this year.”

Read a full case study on how Pinnacle has supported Arthur Hough & Sons with a full IT Services offering!

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