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October 24, 2019 | News

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Pinnacle Team: IT Services
Role: Technical Consultant
How long you have been working for Pinnacle: Since Pinnacle's acquisition of Sys-Care in June 2016 (and with Sys-Care for the 25 years prior)

1. Tell us about your background in IT?

For me, computing was a hobby going back to the times when I could be found on my first home computer which was a ZX Spectrum. I particularly enjoyed breaking into programs and playing with the code. I went on to study Computing when I left school and my first job was with a company who supplied computerised accounting systems. This was around the time when there were still many businesses making the transition from manual paper-based systems to computers.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worn many hats over the years and achieve accreditations for multiple ERP systems from various vendors including Sage and Microsoft. I believe you should never stop learning and since achieving my first qualification in Computing, I’ve gone on to study and achieve Microsoft Certified Professional certifications plus an IT Professional Diploma and a Diploma in management.

2. Give us an overview of your typical week at Pinnacle?

Being a Technical Consultant brings a wide variety of work and challenges from one week to the next. Sometimes, you’ll find me in our Glasgow office where I might be remotely connected to a customer and carrying out a new Sage 200 installation or an upgrade or you might find me on a customer site configuring a new server that we’ve supplied.

I like the fact that Pinnacle can provide both hosted and on-premise computing. I’m seeing customers opt for a mix of hosted, cloud and on-premise computing. For example, cloud based anti-virus, Office 365 and off-site backups combined with an on-premise server running a Sage application. I think that’s quite a well-balanced strategy.

3. What is the most helpful / intuitive product we supply and why?

I like our SystemCare remote monitoring service. SystemCare allows our technical support team to proactively monitor the health of our customers servers and networks. It alerts us to issues or potential issues meaning we can take the necessary action swiftly and efficiently. It’s of equal benefit to our customers who have little or no in-house IT expertise plus those who do have IT staff but are busy delivering projects.

4. Are there any recent developments in the IT world that you find particularly interesting?

We’re living in an age of Digital Transformation and it’s fascinating to see technology touching so many different aspects of a business now. I’m interested in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and where that might take us in the coming years. “Alexa, what are my top selling products this month” or “Alexa, send out the October statements by e-mail”. Hmmm.

5. What do you like most about working for Pinnacle?

We have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise across the teams within Pinnacle and a willingness to help approach. It’s great to see that sort of teamwork for a business of our size.

6. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’ve recently hung up my football boots and I’m looking forward to spending more time on the golf course. I’ve also taken a shine to snorkelling and I’d like to try and visit some of the many great places to go snorkelling. Not in Scotland of course!

7. What is one thing about you that might surprise people?

My age. Although I can’t tell you what it is or that would spoil the surprise!

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