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July 20, 2017 | News

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  1. Tell us about your background?

    I have been lucky to work with Sage Software for over 25 years now. I initially started working as an Accounts Assistant at a premier VAR ( Valued Added Reseller) with the original software which was called Tetraplan and at which time was a financial package only.

    I very quickly realised that the other areas of the business, particularly support, was where the buzz happened. I had many happy years on the road as a trainer learning my craft. Growing in confidence and in demand as a fee earner, I moved into consultancy and project management activities.

    I’ve enjoyed the journey moving from CS/3 to Chameleon in Manufacturing, Sage Line 500 and finally Sage 1000 with today is rich in functionality. I have totally enjoyed working with the reseller community in various roles such as support, implementation and sales with a broad spectrum of business sectors including Retail, Manufacturing and Services.

    I am completely loving the Sage 1000 Product management role I am current in at Pinnacle and the Pinnacle staff who have become long term friends.

  2. What is a typical week like in your role at Pinnacle?

    As Pinnacle’s Sage 1000 Product Manager, I enjoy preparing for and delivering a varied menu of customer facing webinars, mixed with organising and delivering internal training for colleagues! My role encompasses managing product development plans, as well as escalating product issues with Sage and third party suppliers.

    I’m still able to ‘keep it real’ and enjoy a number of escalated support case opportunities, requiring in-depth product knowledge, and sometimes just helping my colleagues with 1-2-1 skills upgrades gives me a buzz! Being a ‘go to’ person for our account managers, Pinnacle direct teams and customers alike is still just as rewarding for me.

  3. What is the most memorable customer experience you have had?

    During a Sage migration project on a chemical plant the toxic alarm was sounded, something that was always gladly seen a test became a scary reality. Locked in a bomb proof building unable to get home for a couple of hours! All for the Sage 1000 cause! I did ask my boss for danger money after that...

  4. What is your favourite Sage 1000 feature or add-on?

    Actionable Lists.

  5. What do you like most about working for Pinnacle?

    This must be the Pinnacle company events! Not only is it great to see the entire company get together but meeting people who are new to Pinnacle and putting a face too much loved voices. My favourite must be the London visit in 2013, to celebrate Pinnacle’s 20th Anniversary. The first stage was travelling on a chartered Vintage London bus to the London Eye for afternoon tea, such fun, then onto the evening event filled with excitement again travelling again on the Pinnacle heritage double decker to the fabulous Tower of London for a private tour and Ceremony of the keys. I will never forget when we all walked off the bus at the tower of London towards the gates and tourists started taking our photographs as they thought we were celebrities – what fun!

  6. After a long day, what do you enjoy doing to unwind outside of work?

    Walking! with my pet Westie usually and relaxing with family.

  7. What is the one thing about you that might surprise people?

    I am happiest holidaying in North Norfolk, dislike flying or long journeys. Also I don’t own /use a Microwave!

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