#FacesOfPinnacle team conference and get together!

November 3, 2019 | News


Over 100 #FacesOfPinnacle gathered in Birmingham on the 11th of October for a conference hosted at the fabulous Malmaison hotel followed by an evening of fun and games!

Presenting our business achievements and visions, it was great to announce a stunning performance in all areas of our business in FY19 and our plan to continue this trend in 2020 and beyond.

It was amazing to see so many long-standing team members in our business attend, as well as welcoming the new.

Birdies and Ghetto Golf was the venue for an evening off graffiti, visors, street food, putting, bubbles and beer.

Our event organiser and Marketing Director, Fran McKee commented “We are constantly striving to introduce new event formats and I felt this worked well as it provided a good balance of business and fun in a relaxed format.

It was a joy to watch everyone getting together and thanks to everyone who embraced the spirit of the event”.

Check out the video on YouTube (#plug like and subscribe) and pictures on all social channels!


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