Industry 4.0: What it Means for Your Manufacturing Company

January 14, 2021 | News

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Industry 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Although you might not be aware of it, we are currently in the process of a fourth industrial revolution. If you have never heard of this fourth industrial revolution (more commonly known as Industry 4.0), it is because it is nothing like the industrial revolutions we have seen before. This revolution is due to the digitization of manufacturing.

This transition into the digital era has been extremely successful for many and difficult for others. This is why partnering with a company that is providing forms of software to help through digitization is essential for your success through Industry 4.0. Although we may not have the full picture of Industry 4.0, companies that are currently adopting these technologies will realize its potential.

Industry Revolution History

A quick glance through time

Industry 1.0

Characterized by mechanization through water and steam power engines. New manufacturing was the first of its kind. It included iron production, textile manufacturing, mining and machine tools.

Industry 2.0

During this period mass production and assembly lines using electricity came into play. Technological electrification occurred, which led to globalization and mass production of engines, as well as the broad adoption of the telegraph, gas, and water supply. This period, in time, changed the way many people lived their lives.

Industry 3.0

Although comparable to the current industrial revolution we are experiencing, Industry 3.0 was simply the emergence of computers and the internet along with digital manufacturing. PLC and robotics were invented along with IT, OT, and automation. Electronic and digital networks allowed us to communicate further than ever before.

Industry 4.0

Now moving into 2020, industry 4.0 is characterized by cloud computing, cybersecurity, augmented reality, big data and system integration. The 4.0 Industrial Revolution is truly nothing we have seen before.

We are also now experiencing simulation, additive manufacturing, and autonomous robots. All of these aspects have changed the way we are able to manufacture products into a more efficient and less expensive process.

What Industry 4.0 Means for Your Manufacturing Company

Computers were introduced in Industry 3.0 which was a huge disruption to how manufacturing companies operated. With Industry 4.0, all of your computers are connected and communicate with one another. Ultimately, this leads to computers working without any involvement by humankind. This changes the manufacturing industry in many ways.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Essentially, AI technology allows us to create more products, faster, at a lower cost. Although AI was once only affordable for large enterprises, small to mid-sized companies can also streamline manufacturing operations. Machine learning constantly improves and updates your production

  • Real-Time Data: Up to date data gives businesses better insight into their manufacturing processes so they can make informed decisions quickly. Companies can analyze their entire production process to find weaknesses to improve upon and strengths to double down on.

  • 3D Printing: Instead of only being used for building prototypes, 3D printing can advance the speed and accuracy of product productions.

  • Cloud Access: One huge component of Industry 4.0 is that all devices are now connected on cloud platforms. This has provided the opportunity to improve internal operations and scale your manufacturing business. The cloud stores all of your data, operations, and insights right at your fingertips so you can access it from anywhere in the world where there is internet connection.

How to Plan for Industry 4.0

Understanding and implementing new technology into your manufacturing business might seem like a daunting task at first, but it is an essential step your company needs to take to remain competitive.

Adopting cloud-based ERP software is a simple way to adapt to industry 4.0. Cloud-based ERP gives your business access to real-time data that can be accessed anywhere, streamlines the production process, and allows you to proactively plan for the future with confidence.

Unlimited users can be added to a cloud-based platform to improve collaboration, communication and productivity. Imagine the difference in production when your team has all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Implementing cloud ERP software benefits your manufacturing company by making it much more flexible so you can adapt quickly to sudden changes. Old techniques have gotten your business where you are today. Cloud ERP software can take your business to where you want to go.

Don’t Get Left Behind

At Pinnacle, we can help you step into the digital transformation of Industry 4.0. As a certified partner of Acumatica ERP, we offer custom cloud solutions specific to the manufacturing industry.

We specialize in cloud-based solutions. Let our experts help ease your company through the digital transformation process. To find out what opportunities cloud ERP software can create for your business, speak with an expert today!

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