Marketing Placement at Pinnacle

June 28, 2019 | News


"I spent 4 days doing my work experience in Pinnacle with the marketing team in Belfast. I really enjoyed my time there and can already see how close-knit the staff are.

I started off my week by learning how to use the company’s CRM system so that I could add data to it, which ended up being a lot simpler than I initially thought it would be. I feel that the skill of quickly adapting to different systems is a skill that I will potentially use in the future.

I helped to create a social media competition for the company, which was fun to do and enabled me to see how Pinnacle uses its different social media platforms.

I also helped to sort out some promotional products to go to an event, which showed me that the business often goes out to interact with their customers, but also potential new customers.

I was asked to come up with some ideas as to how the Pinnacle team could reduce the usage of plastic in the workplace and at home. This shows me not only that the company is already environmentally friendly, but also how they want to improve on this.

I got to meet the whole Pinnacle team and they each told me what role they have in the business. This showed me how important they all are to the business and everything they do links together, in order to provide a better service to their customers. Not only do the staff have great relationships with their customers, but also with each other, as on the third day of my work experience, the staff had a barbeque for lunch. I got to chat with everyone, got to know them and it was a good atmosphere. I could tell that the whole team genuinely get on.

From what I have seen this week, it is clear to me that Pinnacle wants to do what’s best for their customers, and because of this, they get great results, where the customers are satisfied with the service that they have received. They all gave me a very warm welcome and answered any questions that I had, giving me a better insight into what a job in business may look like. I have learned a lot of new things during my time at Pinnacle and really enjoyed myself."


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