Microsoft 365 backups are business critical, find out why!

July 8, 2021 | News

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The Microsoft 365 suite enables businesses and its users alike to still create, communicate and collaborate on projects remotely. The suite encompasses a full range of tools such as email, data storage, office applications, productivity tools and a full communication platform in Teams.

Retention and recoverability

When it comes to the retention and recoverability of Microsoft 365 data there are some points to consider. The primary responsibility of Microsoft is to keep the 365 platform, applications, and tools secure, running and working as they should be with no downtime. However, just because Microsoft accepts responsibility for the infrastructure, that does not mean they own or are liable for the data, the business itself is responsible for the recovery and retention of their data. Working with your IT Services partner and backing up Microsoft 365 data to the cloud is the best way to meet that responsibility and ensure the security of the data.

Why should you back up Microsoft 365 data?

1. Accidental Deletion
Protect your Microsoft 365 from accidental deletion such as a user accidentally deleting documents or folders with crucial data in it, or perhaps they deleted an old email that may be urgently required, months or years later. Having a Microsoft 365 backup in place can help prevent this and save having bigger problems on down the line.

2. Retention Gaps
Microsoft retains email data if a user is active, however this means still having to pay for a subscription after an employee is gone from the business. Deactivating this user could mean losing important company information stored within emails. Of course, you can always share mailboxes before an employee leaves. However, this can get complicated as it relies on communication that an employee is leaving and is prone to error. Why take a chance? SolarWinds® Backup retains Microsoft 365 Exchange data for up to seven years, so you do not have to worry about missing data when an employee walks out the door.

3. External threats
There are many cyber criminals trying to access your data that pray on vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, previously breached username, and password combinations. Cloud based apps such as Microsoft 365 are high value targets for these criminals as they contain so much important data for companies. For that reason, having a strong backup is crucial for protecting their data.

4. Legal and compliance reasons
Many compliance regulations set rules around the amount of time you have to retain data.

The benefits of Microsoft 365 Backup with Pinnacle & N-Able

• Protection against Microsoft 365 Exchange email, calendars, and contacts data loss

• Protection against Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint data loss

• Support for compliance

• Easy backup management

• Affordable backup and recovery, with cloud storage included

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