One-stop IT provider, Pinnacle, supports growth of Ireland’s leading cutting tool specialist

June 29, 2021 | News

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Increasing its revenue by £1m+ year-on-year and with a rapidly expanding team, Flatley knew it had to upgrade its IT approach as Assistant General Manager Jason Beirne explains: “We’ve used Sage software for about 16 years to support the manufacturing, distribution and finance areas of our business as well as for reporting purposes although never to its full potential.

“Historically, two local IT providers helped us to create workarounds to meet our needs but having been taken over by a blue-chip company and growing quickly, business continuity fast became the priority for us with more complex back-up and disaster recovery requirements.”

The challenge was to find ‘one’ proven provider for both Sage 200 support and IT services, one local to Flatley in the sense of being UK-based and, a company that delivers value for money.

“Pinnacle has ticked all of these boxes so far. We didn’t just want a faceless supplier that liaises via email and presents time-difference challenges for our team. Pinnacle is the complete opposite!” said Jason Beirne.

Pinnacle reviewed Flatley’s whole IT structure including hardware, software and security as well as understanding its business requirements and future ambitions, delivering a financially viable hybrid solution that has given Flatley a robust and reliable IT infrastructure.

The company’s Sage 200 software has been upgraded to the latest version and Pinnacle is now working with the team at Flatley proactively to identify efficiency opportunities. Jason said: “With Pinnacle’s help, we’re concentrating our efforts on making the software work harder from a chartered accounts perspective.

“We’re also reviewing the manufacturing side in terms of capacity planning, traceability and budgeting costs against actuals. Pinnacle takes a realistic approach. Absorbing our manufacturing and operational processes, dissecting and spotting opportunity for potential efficiencies.”

Jason concludes: “What the team likes about Pinnacle is that they look at the whole picture. Now, our IT infrastructure is capable of expanding with us so we can move forward strategically, streamline our systems, track data and maximise growth – we’re looking forward to these next steps, with Pinnacle by our side.”

For Pinnacle, Amanda Sanderson, IT Business Development Consultant, comments: “It’s great working with a forward-thinking company like FlatleyOSG – the team is always looking to reach for the stars and, apart from maintaining the smooth-running of the company’s IT system, it’s our role to make practical recommendations that meet their ambitious commercial objectives for the future.”

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