Our commitment to ongoing support and services during CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19

March 16, 2020 | News

Covid blog

Pinnacle would like to assure all customers, and prospective customers, of the continuity of our Sage and IT Services virtually during the Coronavirus, Covid-19.

Due to the cloud-based nature of our key systems, our staff is enabled to work from home. This means that there should be no disruption to the availability of support, account management, consultancy or customer service teams.

Running our services virtually

  • Pinnacle’s phone system is VOIP, cloud-based, and all staff working remotely will be accessible via the standard phone number 0345 345 9999/ ROI 01 419 8357
  • The Sage & IT Services support teams use a cloud CRM solution for their Help Desk system which is accessible by all of our team remotely. When you email a support query it automatically generates your call log details and is immediately allocated to the team. You can contact us via phone or on our usual support email support@pinnacle-online.com
  • Pinnacle uses Microsoft Teams as a tool for communication and file sharing run on cloud platforms which will allow us to offer a seamless content sharing solution both internally and for our customers. We can also use video for face to face interaction when required.
  • We have the capability to access customer content remotely and any training can be provided using online screen-sharing platforms including Microsoft Teams, Webex as well as LogMeIn and Splashtop.
  • Our Pinnacle Direct team will continue to conduct their schedule of customer webinars. They can also facilitate Account Management meetings virtually.
  • We use cloud-based systems for electronic signatures.

Updated as of 23.3.20

  • Pinnacle has adopted a no travel policy to ensure the safety of both staff and customers, and to assist in the wider effort to minimise the virus spread. Consultants continue to deliver remote training and project-related work. Account management meetings, demonstrations and new customer meetings will be conducted virtually via WebEx, Microsoft Teams and conference calls.

Updated as of 15.7.20

  • Pinnacle’s travel policy has been updated to "essential travel only", when remote services cannot be carried out to ensure the safety of both staff and customers.
  • Pinnacle has a policy in place to ensure our staff will remain safe onsite, including assurances of the customers' safe working practices. Pinnacle will provide our staff with PPE.

Staff are fully informed of methods on how to prevent the spread of the virus as well as the 14 days self-isolation procedures should symptoms present.

Should you have any questions on this please contact your Account Manager or email us at pinnacledirect@pinnacle-online.com

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