Pain points or opportunities?

March 2, 2021 | News

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We always start any project by exploring the reasons for embarking on a digital transformation…

Is it to…

  • Increase warehouse efficiency and control? Always key to profitability, this year the warehouse is in the spotlight as businesses strive to fulfill spikes in customer demand.
  • Replace paper and spreadsheets? Creating a single centralised source of information gives all the team access to up-to-date information.
  • Eliminate manual data entry? With automated import and export of data, information flows seamlessly across the enterprise, freeing up resources while improving data accuracy.
  • Open up new routes to market? Web integration technology can help in expanding into new territories and sectors and improving customer service.
  • Manage complex supply chains? Distribution and wholesale businesses must maintain a tricky balance between keeping costs down and providing rapid shipment of customer orders.
  • Reduce environmental impact? Businesses face increasingly stringent government regulations on measuring and reporting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

…or all of the above – and more?

Growth is exciting, but to be sustainable over the long term it must be controlled and profitable. Businesses often grow in an unstructured way. As new customers are acquired and new people come on board, corporate data becomes fragmented and siloed. Information may be stored in the heads and personal systems of a few key employees, making the business vulnerable to its loss.

We can help you to create a unified view, with real-time visibility of every corner of your business.

Discovering your ambitions

The Pinnacle consultancy team brings an unbeatable 150 years of collective Sage 200 experience to your digital transformation project. As well as exploring your goals in-depth, we’ll also discuss the commitment necessary within your business to ring-fence sufficient time and assign the right people to manage and drive the project.

A new ERP system is not a quick fix or a plug-and-play solution. It is the catalyst for enabling wide-ranging, radical change to your processes – change that is vital in enabling a business in distribution and wholesale to react quickly to fluctuating operating conditions.

Your team needs to be prepared, and be patient as the project unfolds. They will have to adapt to new ways of working and invest time in learning new systems.

Complementary solutions from tried and trusted partners

As well as the core Sage solution, we can open up a whole portfolio of tried and tested third-party tools that are readily available to help companies in distribution and wholesale to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. These integrate with Sage in real-time to increase agility and efficiency.

These solutions are powerful and yet designed to be easy to use. For example, we can equip your warehouse operatives with software that works on familiar iPhones or Android devices, while covering every step of the stock lifecycle: receiving a purchase order, picking and dispatching sales orders, handling returns, writing off damaged stock, completing a stocktake…

Other third-party automation tools that can be integrated with your Sage system include barcoding, CRM, document management, payroll, expense management, and marketing, and there are many, many more, all ready and waiting to support your business.

Room for improvement?

Perhaps you've identified a bottleneck in your processes, or your team is tired of ‘hand-carrying data from one system to another. More positively, you may have spotted new commercial opportunities you want to pursue.

Talk to Pinnacle about creating an integrated solution that’s right for your business.

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