Pinnacle acquires Acuity Solutions Sage 200 business

December 1, 2022 | News

Pinnacle Acuity Acquisition

Lee Whelan, CEO of Acuity Solutions, and James Spencer, MD of Pinnacle, shake hands on acquisition deal

Pinnacle is delighted to announce that it has fully acquired Acuity Solutions Ltd's Sage 200 business.

Pinnacle will add over 100 Sage 200 customers to its ever-expanding customer base in the South of England and Wales, and 6 Sage 200 support and professional services consultants from Acuity to its team.

The news coincides with Sage announcing Pinnacle as its ‘Sage 200 Partner of the Year' for 2022, as the acquisition is a further testament to Pinnacle's commitment to providing its Sage 200 customers with first-class services, as well as committing to growing its skillsets and expertise.

James Spencer, MD of Pinnacle, commented on the latest Pinnacle acquisition,

"This is the 5th Sage partner acquisition in the past 15 months, a reflection of our commitment to servicing our customer base and to the growth of this product.

The consultants coming from Acuity bring immediate benefit to our customers as they join our well-established professional services and support teams. We also further strengthen our presence in the South of England and Wales."

On the acquisition Lee Whelan, MD of Acuity Solutions said,

"Pinnacle has been a leading Sage 200 Partner for many years, with a vast amount of experience and an excellent existing Sage 200 team. They have recently been awarded Sage 200 Partner of the Year for 2022 which highlights their achievements.

Transferring our (Acuity Solutions) Sage 200 business to Pinnacle is the best move possible for our customers and our Sage 200 team. Pinnacle is better equipped to support our departing Sage 200 clients and the team with their knowledge and focus on Sage 200.

Being one of the leading UK Sage X3 partners, with a large loyal existing client base, Acuity will continue focusing growth of that business.”

The Pinnacle acquisition roster now includes the Sage and IT Services business of TMS Scotland, strengthening operations in Scotland as well as the acquisition of K3 Business Technology Group plc's Sage business, K3 FDS, and Sage 200 partner Prosys Computing in Cardiff. And more recently Flint Studios, a web solutions, and digital transformation software business.

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