30 Years of Hard Work Deserves the 5 star treatment

August 4, 2023 | News

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Pinnacle celebrates 30 years in business with a 5-Star staff event in Portugal!

Celebrating 30 years of business in Portugal

It was a celebration like no other as Pinnacle, a trailblazing technology company, celebrated its 30th anniversary over 2 days in June in the breathtaking landscapes of Portugal .

Filled with enchantment, nostalgia, and camaraderie, the celebrations were a testament to Pinnacle's journey and the incredible people who have been an integral part of its success. Let's take a moment to recap the unforgettable moments from this milestone event.

Day one - The Shack, by the Lakeside

The celebrations began in style at 'The Shack by the Lakeside,' a venue that perfectly captured the essence of an Algarve fisherman's shack. Amidst cozy vibes and lakeside beauty, Pinnacle's journey from its humble beginnings to its current achievements was celebrated.

But here's where the party went up a notch - A local band took the stage, and were later joined by our talented Chairman and Founder, Ken Montgomery, and MITS Consultant, Keith Patterson, who rocked out a few tunes to their new found fan base!

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Pinnacle 30th Shack 1
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Pinnacle 30th Pool Party 1
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Pinnacle 30th 5 K Yoga 7
Pinnacle 30th 5 K Yoga 8
Pinnacle 30th 5 K Yoga 9
Pinnacle 30th 5 K Yoga 10
Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 1
Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 2
Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 3
Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 4
Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 5
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Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 7
Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 8
Pinnacle 30th Town Hall 10

Day two - Wellbeing, Townhall and Pool Party

Wellbeing: Embracing the significance of wellbeing, Pinnacle hosted a revitalising morning that began with beachfront yoga, fostering mindfulness and unity of mind, body, and soul. For those feeling more energetic a large team hit the trail for a 5K run. This focus on wellbeing reflected Pinnacle's commitment to nurturing a healthy and balanced work environment.

Town Hall - At the heart of Pinnacle's celebration was the engaging and interactive Town Hall session were attendees from across the business participated in meaningful discussions, open dialogues, and inspiring presentations. The Town Hall not only served as a platform for sharing ideas, insights, and perspectives but also marked the exciting launch of our Future 5 business plan for growth

In the afternoon of day 2, the celebrations continued with an array of exciting activities, giving our team the chance to tailor their experience to their preferences.

Nature enthusiasts embarked on a dolphin-watching escapade along Portugal's breathtaking coastline, where playful dolphins stole the show as they swam alongside the boats, leaving everyone in awe!

For the adrenaline junkies among us, an exhilarating watersports bonanza awaited. Jet skiing, paddle boarding, parasailing—the open sea transformed into our Pinnacle playground!

In acknowledgment of the need for self-care, a tranquil oasis beckoned those seeking rejuvenation at The Spa. Masseurs and wellness experts worked their magic, providing a welcome retreat from the hustle of celebration.

Meanwhile, sun worshippers found their haven by the poolside. Comfortable loungers, chilled beverages, and the radiant sun created the perfect setting for attendees to bask in the joyous ambiance, fostering connections and pure relaxation.

Day 2 wasn't just about celebration; it was about tailoring the experience, ensuring every team member found their perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and shared joy.

Pool Party - As the sun set on this joyous day, Pinnacle turned the celebrations up a notch with an electrifying Pool Party. The Pool Party not only epitomised the spirit of celebration but also emphasised the importance of fostering strong connections and camaraderie within the Pinnacle family.

The celebrations in Portugal were nothing short of extraordinary. From the enchanting ambiance of The Shack to the invigorating Wellbeing Yoga and 5K Run, from the enlightening Town Hall to the exhilarating Pool Party, every moment was infused with Pinnacle's core values of reward, teamwork and excellence!

This milestone celebration underscored the remarkable journey of Pinnacle over the past 30 years and paved the way for an exciting future. As Pinnacle continues to embrace innovation, cherish its people, and strive for excellence, the memories from the Portugal will remain in the hearts of everyone who attended.

Here's to 30 years of Pinnacle's trailblazing success and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead! As we move forward, we are reminded that it is the collective spirit of our team that drives us towards even greater heights.

Congratulations once again, Pinnacle! The Portugal celebrations were a testament to the passion, dedication, and brilliance that defines our journey. Onward to a future filled with limitless innovation and achievements

Cheers to 30 Years and Beyond!

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