Pinnacle elevates leadership structure in Sage 200 support team

November 1, 2023 | News

Louise Moyiseyenko Director of Customer Support at Pinnacle confirms a number of new appointments in the Sage 200 support team

Louise Moyiseyenko, Customer Support Director at Pinnacle, reveals the latest developments within the leadership team of the Sage 200 support team.

Unveiling new appointments from home-grown talent

Pinnacle proudly announces the appointment of new leaders within its Sage 200 support team, effective from 1st November, as part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing the leadership structure and providing exceptional support to its customers.

The newly appointed Sage 200 Support Team Leaders are:

Nik Bell - Commercials & CRM Team Leader

Tania Jones - Financials & Environment Team Leader

In addition, the following individuals have been appointed as Sage 200 Senior Support Consultants:

Dino Valente - Senior Environment Support Consultant

Joanne Scott - Senior Sicon Support Consultant

Stuart McAlister - Senior Commercials Support Consultant

These appointments confirm the company's dedication to improving engagement with team members and customers, fostering growth, and creating opportunities for career progression within the Sage 200 Support team.

The introduction of these roles will play a pivotal role in enhancing communication, streamlining processes, and ensuring that Pinnacle continues to deliver on its vision to transform its customers' performance through its business management software solutions.

Louise Moyiseyenko, Director of Customer Support at Pinnacle comments, "We are delighted to see individuals who have flourished within the Pinnacle Sage 200 Support family take on leadership roles. Dino, Joanne, Nik, Stuart and Tania have not only demonstrated exceptional skills but also embody the spirit of our commitment to developing and promoting our own talent. Their wealth of experience and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of Sage 200 Support team.”

"We are delighted to see individuals who have flourished within the Pinnacle Sage 200 Support family take on leadership roles."

Louise Moyiseyenko, Director of Customer Support

With a team of over 50 Sage support consultants, Pinnacle is committed to investing in the ongoing professional development of its staff. Through a culture of mentorship and growth outlined in its recent Future 5 strategy, revealed during the 30th celebrations in Portugal in June this year, the company focuses on providing career opportunities and progression for all staff. This ensures a deep understanding of Sage 200 intricacies, positioning the team as experts in delivering award winning Sage support solutions.

On the recent appointments Fran McKee, Head of People & Culture, comments, "What sets these appointments apart is the wealth of home-grown talent that Pinnacle has cultivated. These appointments highlight Pinnacle's commitment to internal growth, showcasing the depth of expertise and dedication within existing teams. The growth of our Sage 200 support team, fuelled by talent and 2000 satisfied customers, underscores Pinnacle's commitment to excellence, career advancement, and a vibrant workplace”.

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