Pinnacle provides Shawston International with a one-stop shop for IT support

June 27, 2017 | News


The Sage Platinum Reseller recently helped Shawston, one of the UK’s largest privately owned distributors of steel tubes, fittings, valves and pipes, to avoid the financial and reputational hit of network down-time.

From Shawston’s headquarters in Hyde, Cheshire, Managing Director Mark Dyer says: “When a failure in a junction box affected the network, Pinnacle was able to recover our data on the duplicate server it had installed in our High Wycombe office. Without this built-in safeguard, we would have lost a week’s sales – equivalent to £300,000 – and suffered the reputational damage of failing to meet customers’ expectations.”

He explains why the company’s infrastructure of servers, networks and software is critical to commercial success: “We work to challenging timescales. Every year, our team processes 50,000 orders. An order placed at 16.00 might be needed on site in London by 9.00 the next morning. To maintain such high levels of responsive service requires business information to flow smoothly, from quotation to delivery to invoicing. Today, with support from Pinnacle, the fast, uninterrupted flow of data accelerates our business processes, notably across the sales cycle.”

Shawston is ambitious to become a £25 million business over the next few years. Mark says: “We chose Pinnacle as having the size, scale and expertise to support our growth and bring our IT infrastructure into the 21st century. Pinnacle has already added value to our business by boosting performance and eliminating bottlenecks, while providing a single, simple point of accountability.”

For Pinnacle, Business Development Consultant Amanda Sanderson comments: “Recent high-profile cases in both the public and private sector show the importance of getting your IT right. We’d been providing support on Shawston’s Sage business management system for some years, and were delighted when they decided to entrust their IT maintenance and support to our care. As their experience has borne out, the Pinnacle team adds demonstrable value across the wider infrastructure, reaching further than their business and accounting software.”

Mark Dyer agrees: “It’s all about having peace of mind. We don’t pretend to be computer boffins. We just want it all to work, and we rely on Pinnacle to get it right, so we can concentrate on running an efficient, customer-focused business.”

To read a case study in full, on how Pinnacle is supporting Shawston International’s IT network & Sage Software, simply click here

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