Preparing for Brexit by Sage UK

October 8, 2019 | News

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Brexit impacts everybody living in the UK. However, businesses have always faced an immediate requirement to adapt because free trade in both goods and services across the European Union (EU), as well as the free movement of employees, are set to change.

No-deal Brexit is now a very likely outcome. The Confederation of British Industry’s recently said the following about this possibility:

“Having analysed Brexit preparations by the UK government, the European Commission, EU member states and companies in the 27 areas of the UK’s relationship with the EU that are most important to businesses, the CBI has concluded that no one is ready for no deal.”

In other words, an immediate root and branch evaluation of many business practices is required from all businesses.

An earlier Sage survey showed respondents cite as important a need to know how Brexit will impact tax and duty reporting, safety standards, personal data, the free movement of people, and the free movement of goods – among other things.

This article answers frequently asked questions about Brexit that might help the transition process in your organisation.

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