Reflecting on 2022

December 21, 2022 | News

Alton Towers Group

Team Pinnacle at Alton Towers for a conference, and thrills, to "unlock our lockdown."

What a year you have been, 2022!

2022 has been a fantastic year for Pinnacle. We emerged from Covid and threw our refurbished office doors open as we welcomed staff back to the new hybrid working world.

Dusting off the past few years, we stepped forward confidently with our refreshed brand to reflect our vibrant and positive new image, with our rebranded SWAG supplied by our Sage customers.

We launched our new website to encompass our wide range of business management solutions, which enables business owners to get a clear view of their business and helps them see the big picture - enabling their business to breathe easy.

This was the year of "reconnection" for our team. Every face-to-face meeting was a joyous celebration. After nearly 3 years apart we "unlocked our lockdown" by hosting a Pinnacle team conference, with thrills, at Alton Towers during which we outlined our ambitions for growth as well as launching employee initiatives such as cost of living support.

We got back to attending conferences, travelling as far as Dallas and Orlando with Sage. We celebrated with the Acumatica channel at the first UKI channel conference, hosted in London. We took to panels, speaking at conferences including Zen's partner event, as well as the World Finance Forum.

Reflecting on the year's exciting milestones, our growth has been impressive - we did a record number of Sage & MITS acquisitions, welcoming hundreds of new customers to Pinnacle as well as new team members which pushed us over the 200-employee mark.

Our colleagues at Flint Studios have strengthened our digital transformation technology stack, as we can provide customers with not only cloud accounting & ERP solutions, disaster recovery, cyber security, business connectivity, and hosting but also eCommerce, business automation, and web solutions.

We all threw ourselves into our wellbeing programme which supports the mind, energy, nutrition, and fitness of our team. We partnered with Vital Nutrition to offer support for female and male health as well as mental health through nutrition. Our fitness levels increased as we participated in the 3 peaks challenge, with Sage Foundation, and over 60 of our team completed the "Steps 2 Fitness" walking 1,000s of miles virtually to our 7 offices located throughout the UK and Ireland. We had lots of laughs along the way, especially with our sunflower-growing and Christmas bingo competitions.

The award season bounced back and didn't disappoint. We got glammed up, and headed to the top parties in town, scooping a hat trick of awards from Sage, Zen, and Sicon. We are also proud of our colleagues at Flint Studios who were named among the Top 100 tech companies in Northern Ireland, by Digital DNA.

Did we mention that we adopted an elephant, called Titan? We were so delighted to support the Northern Ireland Hospice, Elmer’s Big Trail, which brought so much joy to Belfast, including a corporate treasure hunt, as well as raising vital funds for this local charity. We also joined forces with 14-year-old, Madison Wright, for a gala ball that raised almost £38k for the Northern Ireland Children's hospice.

To round off the year, it was special to have December back as it should be - with our regional Christmas dinners.

So, thanks 2022, and here's to 2023...our 30th anniversary. Did we mention we were heading to celebrate in the sun?!

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