Sage 1000 Business Manager appointed for Pinnacle UK and Ireland

January 13, 2020 | News

James spencer pinnacle md with newly appointed sage 1000 business manager rachel tindlejpg

Rachel brings over 25 years’ mid-market software experience, dating back to Tetra days which Sage acquired in 1999. In recent years, in her capacity as Sage 1000 Product Manager at Pinnacle, Rachel has driven new initiatives in the areas of product and process management which has benefited customers and increased sales. As Sage 1000 Business Manager, Rachel will continue these initiatives as well as providing strategic vision and direction in this area of the Pinnacle business.

On the announcement of her appointment, Rachel commented,

“Embarking on an exciting new decade with Pinnacle, my focus is to continue the legacy of delivering an outstanding and excellent performance in customer service for the Sage 1000 team”.

James Spencer, the company’s MD, commented on the recent appointment, “Rachel has a long track record in this product and has a variety of Sage 1000 experience including support, product and project management as well as consultancy roles.

We are excited about her ability to lead our talented Sage 1000 team as well as retaining and developing our sizeable customer base”.

Pinnacle's Sage 1000 customer base mostly operates in the manufacturing and distribution sectors and therefore, has complex processes. To reflect this, Pinnacle has retained the largest Sage 1000 team in the Sage channel, who have very specialist product and business process knowledge.

Brian Lester, who directed this division for over 16 years has taken a step back in the business but will have still an active role working alongside our longstanding customer base.

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