Sage 50 Migration to Sage 200

August 5, 2019 | News

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The Sage 50 Triggers Checklist

1. Pinpointing specific data

have you seen a rise in the quantity of data, reporting and invoicing?

Big data is no longer big news. Managing information from customer data to information about suppliers is where businesses are still experiencing growing pains. For example, if your price and purchase data is difficult to search, you may be struggling to get the best deals from suppliers.

2. You need to make decisions (and take action) faster

Do you wish that you could enable faster decision making across the business?

Sluggish processes and systems can make it difficult to adapt to customer demands, new legislation and competitors. When you are a small start-up, it may be easy but when you have offices across the globe and a plethora of legacy systems it becomes increasingly difficult.

3. Completing everyday tasks feels challenging

Are employees slowed down by repetitive, manual tasks?

Ordinary financial jobs require a lot of technical expertise. Tasks that should take 5 minutes, take five hours. Another common issue is that every team works slightly differently, using different tools. If you run a small business, you may be able to put up with small inefficiencies. However, when your business grows, the inefficiencies tend to grow too - in addition causing significant waste of resources.

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