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March 10, 2016 | News

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The reasons customers change solution vary – their turnover is increasing or their business is growing with an increased number of processes, or processes are becoming more complex. Some need multiple locations, with international requirements. Some need more depth of functionality, or configuration, customisation and integration to build a solution that fits their unique requirements. Occasionally, a customer may be reducing in size or changing its core activities and therefore requires a less complex Sage solution. Some may wish to host their Sage software On Cloud, On Premise or Hybrid.

Whatever the reason, if you’re considering moving through the Sage range, we understand that the thought of changing your Accounts, ERP or CRM solution can be a daunting one, and our team of experts are on hand to speak to you about your individual requirements.

Over the last 20+ years we’ve worked with a wide range of customers to ensure that their transition through the Sage range is as smooth and painless as possible. Whether that’s been moving from Sage 50 to Sage 200, Line 500 to Sage 1000, Line 500 or Sage 1000 to Sage 200 or from any of these solutions to Sage X3, we've worked with customers to ensure that they've had the best possible results from the change to their solution.

Speaking to Matthew James, one of our Sage consultants he explains, "Firstly, and most importantly it’s about listening to the customer. We need to understand the changes that are happening in the business that are driving the change of solution. We need to know their requirements, not just for now but the future as well. We get to know their processes so we can truly understand their business and then we can advise on the right solution for them."

When it comes to actually making the move, the team at Pinnacle is on hand to support customers throughout. From deciding on the right Sage solution, advising on hardware and IT requirements, implementation, training users and supporting them as they get to grips with their new solution we’re with our customers every step of the way.

If you’re considering a change to your current solution then get in touch and we’ll have a chat about your individual requirements.

“As our business grew we had to upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200 with help from Pinnacle. We found the service first class. The changeover was very smooth and any problems were dealt with very quickly.” Hazel Rainey, Finance Manager, Interactive Ltd

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