Sophos: Intercept X - Battling Ransomware

September 12, 2017 | News

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What’s new about it?

The answer lies in the method in which Intercept X identifies Ransomware:

“Behavioural Monitoring”

Instead of cross referencing a new threat against a database of previous strands, Intercept X will monitor the behaviour of files on your network. It searches for unusual behaviour such as data encryption or unauthorised attempts to alter privileges. In this way it can identify attacks earlier than before, stop their progress. It can even reverse changes that have been made.

Another new development is a dashboard which displays:

“Root Cause Analysis”

A company’s entire network can be viewed by the user on what looks like a large spider diagram.

Attacks that are being stopped and removed continuously can be viewed, including the source of the initial problem. Using this, staff can educate themselves on how to avoid malware and become a human firewall.

*It is also possible to see how many attacks the product has protected you from and so you can see the return for your investment.*


Is it necessary?

Intercept X is designed to protect users from Ransomware. As we saw in the recent WannaCry outbreak, Ransomware wreaks havoc when it takes hold and can infiltrate businesses of all sizes.

The risk of attack is high and the potential damage is massive. We recommend some form of Ransomware protection as absolutely necessary – Intercept X is the best product on the market.

Why do IT companies - like Pinnacle - want businesses to invest in Ransomware protection?

Firstly, we don’t want our customers’ businesses to come to a standstill on account of an IT issue.

Secondly, getting a business up and running again after a ransomware attack can be extremely complicated. It requires long and difficult hours from our IT staff. It is always a tense time for all involved as both parties try to get the business operational again as quickly as possible.

All of this can be avoided if adequate protection is in place.

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