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April 9, 2019 | News

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Lost data could be a terrible nightmare for companies. The impact of this could be the loss of money, clients, business agreements and could even close the business.

What kind of data companies can lose?

Companies can lose crucial information, like Invoices, inventory records, contracts, status reports, employees’ records, databases of customers, a repository of knowledge, financial statements, product or services guides or brochures; etc. It could mean the loss of years of work.

Why protect your data?

A backup has two purposes: recovering data from an earlier time, and recovering data after its loss.

The loss of information could happen for many reasons:

  • Human error — data deletion, modification or overwriting by accident or negligence.
  • Location-related — leaving a device on a train, theft, fire, flood, or earthquake.
  • File corruption — virus or ransomware infection or software error corrupts data
  • Hardware failure — hard drive, CPU or controller failure.

There are plenty of reasons to start protecting your data and begin creating backups for disaster recovery to ensure business continuity.

Backups are part of a disaster recovery plan, and the recommendation is to have more than one backup. The right idea is creating multiple copies protects your business from losing any critical data. The 3–2–1 backup rule is an effective strategy that instantly removes any single point of failure. The belts-and-braces approach ensures that you can overcome nearly any failure scenario without any drama.

Keep at least three copies of your data, on two different storage types, one copy of your data offsite.

How can I start to protect my data?

Data loss is usually prevented by implementing backup data solutions and adding strong data access controls and security mechanisms on data storage assets.

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