The importance of invoice approvals

February 5, 2020 | News

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Invoice approval enables the review and approval of supplier invoices before the payment is processed. Typically, the invoice approval process begins once the buyer receives (through email, post, etc.) an invoice. Most commonly, those without an automated system may still be printing out a purchase invoice and leaving on the desk of someone who is rarely in the office! Creating a spreadsheet and manually sending emails may be another way. Sound familiar?!

However, the invoice approval doesn’t have to be complex, costly, or time-consuming. With the right invoice approval tool, such as Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition’s free built-in Approvals tool and mobile app, there is no need, as this gets done automatically. This means that organisations can organise, access, and process invoices in an accurate and timely manner. Furthermore, users will not have to go anywhere else for their Approvals process.

Instead, those using approvals can get documents approved quickly and easily whilst being able to:

  • Alleviate paper-based processes
  • Obtain visibility and history within a structured workflow
  • Everything in one place

Once Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition extracts the data from the document it will automatically send the invoice to be approved. Approvals for Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition enables users to set approval rules so that you can be in control of what is being approved and who should be approving it. Approval rules can be based on any invoice data such as:

  • Invoice values
  • Nominal codes
  • Suppliers

After the Purchase Invoice has been approved, the transaction will be created in Sage 200, and archived into Spindle Document Management allowing you to view the document back from within Sage 200. User permissions within Spindle Document Management allow you to control who can see the documents, keeping your documents secure.

The Approvals mobile app allows access to approve purchase invoices in seconds from any location. As this is part of Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition, it all works seamlessly, and, did we mention the app was free?!

Similarly, there is a real synergy between all aspects of Spindle Document Management, with many areas complimenting the next; a major reason why customers continue to add further Spindle Document Management modules to their product portfolio.

Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition has been developed in collaboration with market leader IRIS (A Canon Company) to bring an enterprise level solution to the SME market.

If you'd like to see Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition in action, join us with Zoe Young of Draycir for an online demonstration on Monday 10th February at 2pm.

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