Veeam - Bring IT On - Partner Event 2019 - Roundup

March 19, 2019 | News

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The event kicked off with a warm welcome to the channel partners from Mark Adams, Regional VP, UK&I of Veeam, who highlighted 2018 achievements and goals for 2019.

Delegates were informed about the latest product releases and new features coming to Veeam.

One of the highlights of the event was a fascinating talk from a current Veeam customer Colin Chatelier, Manager of Cloud & Platform Infrastructure Services, at Rabobank. Colin discussed the background of Rabobank, including their need to improve their internal systems for backup and recovery across their expansive business.

Colin explained how Veeam was a logical choice for them as the solution was able to replace their old clunky system with one that was fast, efficient and could deal with their 10,000 machines across the world while still being cost effective. Colin told the partners how backing up their systems was no longer an extensive chore for the company and they are able to back up regularly to stay compliant with legislation.

Michael Cade, of Veeam, gave an exciting talk about how the IT landscape is changing and becoming more data-reliant. Businesses, therefore, need to consider mitigating their risk of losing that data and downtime should something happen. He was later joined on stage by Paul Lynden, from AWS, and Alex Thomson, from n2ws, as they discussed their solutions and a piece on data responsibility.

Sponsors of the event, HPE, Microsoft, Nutanix and Quantum, spoke about their solutions and how their partnership with Veeam boosts innovation of products across the channel.

As well as the very educational talks there was plenty of opportunity for networking throughout the day, polished off with a tour of Twickenham Stadium, a delicious 3-course dinner and an inspirational speech from Andy Gomarsall, a former English Rugby World Cup Winner.

Thanks, Veeam for putting on a great Partner event


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