What Pinnacle learnt at Sophos UK Headquarters

July 24, 2017 | News

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Founded by two Oxford University Graduates (Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer), Sophos have battled cyber-crime since the dawn of the internet in the early 1980s. With a recent $100 million acquisition of the ‘machine learning’ company Invincea, Sophos show no sign of falling behind technological trends.

Pinnacle’s relationship with Sophos is quite simple: We sell, implement and support their products. Our IT Services division provide complete network support and naturally an important part of this is IT Security.


July 12th 2017 - Pinnacle travel to Abingdon, Oxfordshire to visit the Sophos UK Headquarters.

Members of the Marketing, Sales, Implementation and Consultancy teams were present. Here's a few things that we learnt during the day…

Sophos develop excellent Ransomware Protection

Intercept X is the new strand of ransomware protection from Sophos. Since its release in late 2016, not a single computer with Intercept X correctly implemented has been infected.

Sophos prioritise Educating Staff as a form of malware protection

Within the aforementioned Intercept X is a dashboard which maps out a company’s entire network. Through this dashboard - known as ‘Root Cause Analysis’ - a company can identify weak points in the network and see in real-time where attacks would have originated, had it not been for Intercept X. In this way staff can educate themselves in safe practice for future - Ransomware will continuously evolve.

This is a good one: Sophos have developed an attack simulation to safely test staff members internally. It's called Phish Threat. With some practice staff will become an effective human firewall.



GDPR law will be activated on May 25th 2018.

Sophos have developed a questionnaire which will generate a list of things you will need to be GDPR compliant, depending on your answers to the questions.


Upcoming Events

In the afternoon, our techies broke off to talk in code with their Sophos counterparts. From my own marketing perspective, I caught up with my contacts on the sales and marketing floor to put faces to voices.


Sophos have a number of exciting webinars coming up in the near future including Intercept X, Phish Threat and GDPR.

You can register for these through our events page.

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