Which Sage CRM product is right for you?

June 29, 2006 | News


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Are You:

  • Looking for a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management solution for sales force automation, campaign management and customer support?
  • Looking for a system designed for account-centric sales teams?
  • Looking for a solution that can be extensively customised to meet your business needs?

Try SalesLogix

Are You:

  • Looking for a CRM solution which can either stand alone or be fully integrated into existing systems to give a single view of all customer and contact activity?
  • Looking for a CRM solution which is easy to use, fast to deploy, feature rich and has low cost of ownership?
  • Looking for a CRM solution which delivers the tools entirely through a browser to take advantage of the huge efficiencies that the Internet offers in delivering business applications which is hosted on the user's premises?

Try Sage CRM MME

Are You:

  • Looking for a subscription-based, hosted CRM solution at a low monthly cost per user?
  • Looking for a CRM solution where there are no infrastructure costs: no servers to purchase and manage, no databases to administer and no nightly back-ups to perform all you need is a PC?
  • Looking for a solution that has the features and functionality of Sage CRM MME

Try SageCRM.com

Are You:

  • Looking for a product offering full CRM functionality along with accounting and finance, distribution and industry-specific operations?

Try Sage 1000

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