Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs to Digitally Transform

January 21, 2021 | News

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Gone are the days of pencil and paper since our modern world now demands digital technology and cloud software. Companies that are not digitally transforming are being left in the dust because they cannot serve their customers as efficiently. You might think that your customers will stick with you, but in reality, there is a start-up or another business that has digitally transformed and can do the same work quicker and more efficiently for your customer.

Although the switch to digital can be a hard one to make, once you have digitally transformed your business, you will never want to go back. Digital transformation will change demand as we know it and revolutionize the manufacturing world, even more than it already has!

Why Your Company Needs to Digitally Transform

Competitive Edge

In our ever-growing world, we are expected to meet demands faster than ever. By working with a digital cloud system, you will be able to give a professional experience better than other companies. Although this can be challenging to remain competitive in a growing market, using the latest technology provides you with that opportunity.


We are currently in our 4th industrial revolution where everything is now digital. Your company can grow as large as you can dream it to be. With digital transformation, you are able to communicate between different branches of your company regardless of their locations in the world. Everything will be automated as well, which makes checking orders or stock as easy as a click of a button.

Flexible System Adapts for Change

Rather than struggle to adapt to new changes and needing to configure new systems to keep up, a digital system allows you to simply download an update when it is time for a change. A more flexible system allows you to react to changes quickly and precisely so you can make informed decisions on the fly.

Improves Production Process

Digital transformation means that you have a quicker time-to-market through automated processes. This means that everything you do in your business is made clear. Whether that is the organization of products, the collaboration of your employees or the actual manufacturing of a product. All of this happens quickly when it is digitally transformed, which allows your products to move more quickly and efficiently.

Happy Customers

An efficiently run business does not only benefit the company itself, but it benefits the customer as well. Dive deeper into your customer base to truly understand their wants and needs so you can provide an exceptional solution.

Consequences of Not Digitally Transforming

Same Results

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results. The same situation occurs when you stay complacent and do not digitally transform your business. It is impossible to grow if you are not modernizing the way you do things.

Getting Left Behind

Most large manufacturing companies have already digitally transformed, which means every second that you do not, you are stuck in the past. Do not get left behind while your clients leave to go to your digital and more efficient competitors.

Higher Overall Risks Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs to Digitally Transform

When you do not move into the future and digitally transform, you are leaving yourself open to more risks. Digital tools help you to test products much more easily, which allows for a more efficient process. If you do not have the means to effectively and efficiently test, then you increase your overall risks which, in turn, increases overall costs.

Make the Transition with Pinnacle

Pinnacle can digitally transform your manufacturing business by helping you implement cloud ERP solutions that bring you into the modern world. The next big transformation is already occurring digitally so do not get left behind. As a proud partner of Acumatica ERP, we provide an ERP software tailored specifically to the manufacturing industry.

Make the digital transformation you need to scale your business and contact us today!

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