World Backup Day - Imagine losing everything, where would that leave your business?

March 29, 2019 | News

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As the use of technology grows and evolves, so does our reliance on it. Thousands of companies across the UK use technology to conduct their day to day business. From the way contracts are signed digitally, to how HMRC are making tax digital, the world around us is becoming more digitised.

If you consider your own company and take a moment to reflect on your digital data. What would happen to your business if you lost everything and do you have a viable backup to recover from such a disaster?

What is a backup?

A backup refers to the copying of your physical or virtual files or database to a secondary location
to use in the event the original data or data files are lost or destroyed.

Threats to your data, when backups serve their purpose.

  • Cyber Attacks
    A cyber-attack is a malicious and deliberate attempt by an individual or organisation to breach your information system, such as a Ransomware / Malware attack. We have several blogs about these if you would like to learn more about them. Click here.

  • Human Error
    Human error is the leading cause of business data loss. Cyber attacks can also be caused by human error such as opening malicious email attachments or downloading malicious content. With human error, we also need to take into consideration the loss of laptops or the accidental deletion of crucial files. This scenario may not only affect your business but the sensitive data you may be holding about your clients too.

  • Equipment Failure
    This one is self-explanatory but should any of your equipment fail such as servers, computers and hard drives you run the risk of losing your valuable data.

  • Physical Disasters
    We must not forget the obvious threat of fire, floods and natural disasters to computers, servers and everything else that is housed within your business premises.


Types of backups available

  • On-premise Backup
    This backup method entails storing your data periodically onto discs, tapes or other storage devices locally. However, the disadvantage in doing this is should there be a natural disaster in the building all the data would be lost.

  • Off-site Backup
    Off-site backup can refer to backing up your data and putting it in an alternative location. Many companies are opting to store their data in Data Centres rather than on-site. Data is stored in huge rooms at protected locations and is accessed remotely.

How do I start backing up my business’ data?

Regardless of your business size or budget, Pinnacle can offer several backup solutions for your business. We are partnered with several suppliers and can tailor your backup solution to your requirements, whether you want to back up some of your data, all your data, On-premise, off-premise or into the cloud.

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