Your Ransomware Protection Checklist

June 1, 2017 | News

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Following the recent global spates of Ransomware attacks here’s a protection checklist to ensure your business minimizes the threat of such attacks. Whether you are a large organisation or small-to medium size any business connected to the internet is at risk.

Ransomware blocks access to your computer and demands money before allowing you back in.

An effective Network security plan should include:

1. Education

Security companies stress that educating staff is key in protection from Ransomware.

Staff should know how to avoid and prevent attacks and how to react if an attack should break through.

The three most common methods that Ransomware is distributed:

  • Emails – infected attachments or links to compromised servers
  • Non secure websites – visiting the wrong website can cause download and execution of malware
  • Ads – these can pop-up anywhere online

2. Whitelisting

This is the process by which you program your computer to allow certain applications and not to allow others.

Malicious software is blocked when it attempts to run.

3. Safely browsing the Web

Restrict access to websites that are likely to contain threats.

4. An operational Backup system

Backup systems can save you in the event of a security breach.

In an ideal scenario, you can restore data and start afresh.

5. Access Control

Limit access to business critical data.

This will limit the spread of Ransomware around your network if you are attacked.

6. An IT Partner

Even if you choose to manage your security system Inhouse, it is important to have a relationship with an IT Partner should you ever need an expert’s attention quickly.

You’ll also benefit from an IT company’s continuous research.

7. Network Security Software

A Network Security solution will make your life a whole lot easier.

Web Security companies regularly release new products to battle developments in Malware. Pinnacle’s IT experts currently recommend the Sophos product ‘Intercept X.’

8. Patch Management

It’s vital to keep your IT environment updated.

Important patches need to be added continuously.

Turn your computer off periodically to allow patches the chance to update.

9. A Disaster Plan

Even with a updated security system, it is possible for your business to come under attack.

If a computer is compromised, cut its internet connection, disable shared drives and shut off power.

Seek expert advice on what your plan should be if this happens – it will depend on your backup system and the nature of the ransomware.

10. Root Cause Analysis

Learn from the mistakes of yourself and others.

IT experts soon learn where attacks originate and the common mistakes that people make in allowing attacks in. Contact your IT Partner or attend a webinar.

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