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Draycir Spindle Document Management and Credit Hound

Pinnacle are pleased to offer Draycir's Spindle Document Management and Credit Hound applications for Sage Line 100/Sage MMS/Sage 200 users.

Spindle Document Management - Total control of your documents in Sage 200

Spindle Document Management is designed to work alongside your accounting or ERP system to provide a complete document management solution for your business.  

Distribute outgoing documents:

  • Send all your documents out, in batches or individually, via email or to print for sending by post.
  • Generate beautiful looking documents with your branding and include relevant information, instead of plain Sage templates.
  • Attach any related documents or a second page such as terms and conditions and add promotional messages to emails.
  • Use across your organisation to distribute any type of document;Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Marketing.
  • Keep your colleagues in the loop by sending a notification by email when a document has been sent.
  • Minimise risk of document fraud with password protected and/or digitally signed documents.
  • Make it easier for customers to pay instantly with a ‘Pay Now’ button added to invoices for secure online payments. Use alongside Spindle Reconciler to reconcile online payments in Sage 200.
  • Instantly archive all outgoing documents for viewing on the relevant Sage 200 entry.

Capture incoming documents:

  • Capture any type of file for viewing in Sage 200, including documents, photos, emails, spreadsheets and many more.
  • Batch scan documents using barcode technology, including multi-page documents.
  • Quickly drag-and-drop electronic files into the Capture screen or Pending Tray.
  • Add security permissions to limit access to sensitive documents.
  • Use a unique barcode to quickly associate documents for scanning to their relevant Sage 200 entry.
  • Store documents in PDF/A format to comply with HMRC regulations.
  • Enable non-Sage users to capture documents into the Pending Tray


Take a look at the Spindle Document Management brochure

Credit Hound - Advanced credit control

Credit Hound is advanced credit control software designed to help you work more proactively and reduce time-consuming admin whilst helping you to manage disputes, improve cash flow and get paid faster.

  •  Dashboard view – see at a glance who owes you money, how much is owed, who has promised cash and disputed payments. 
  • Pre-emptive reminders – sends automated reminders before payment is due to encourage prompt payment. 
  • Automated rules and actions – customise rules and set up actions to send letters, place accounts on stop, schedule call reminders and much more. 
  • Interactive aged debtor list – sort and filter accounts in real-time, so there’s no need to use Excel spreadsheets or print off lists for manual checking. 
  • Chase screen – have all the information you need on screen during calls and record notes. 
  • Calendar reminders – helps you to keep on top of your calls by automatically scheduling and updating call reminders. 
  • Reporting – analyse your credit control efforts and highlight debtor issues with a comprehensive range of reports. 
  • Consolidated chasing - allows you to chase and report on accounts at branch or head office level. 
  • Dispute management – tracks and records disputes so you can see what payments are delayed, why and how it is being handled. 
  • ERP integration – picks up where your accounting system stops, meaning no re-keying of data or manual admin. 
  • Quick return on investment - getting paid faster means more available cash for your business.


Take a look at the Credit Hound brochure 




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