Companies in Refrigeration and HVAC Have Five Essential Reasons to Take Advantage of Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Software

January 10, 2023 | Insights

Acumatica Field Service Management

Industry in Focus with Gavin Bell, Pinnacle Pre-Sales Consultant for Acumatica, The Cloud ERP.

Companies in Refrigeration and HVAC Have Five Essential Reasons to Take Advantage of Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Software

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration companies have continued to be some of the most profitable businesses in the specialised technician field. A lot of businesses that may have just started a few years ago are already major players in their market, but keeping ahead of the competition can be a tough task to manage. With the sustained demand for these skills as well as plenty of ways to improve the way you run your HVAC or refrigeration business, Acumatica’s cloud ERP software is increasingly beneficial for these fields and their needs.

Here are five essential reasons to take advantage of Acumatica ERP software. Firstly, however, let’s overview what Acumatica has to offer you.

How Does Acumatica Help My Business?

Acumatica is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software company that hosts a suite of tools and resources in the cloud for refrigeration and HVAC companies to use to maximise their team’s efforts and achieve record growth. Cloud software has the benefit of being mobile in nature but offering unprecedented services and software for technicians in the field to access from anywhere.

ERP software companies all offer a variety of platforms for you to use, but Acumatica is designed strategically to work specifically for your needs. That’s why it’s one of the most popular options in the field services. Whether it’s equipping teams on the job with tools to track productivity and performance or providing real-time updates to schedules, inventory, and more, Acumatica ERP is essential for your refrigeration and HVAC company.

Here are five reasons to take advantage of it.

Integrated Solutions for Every Need

The best part of a cloud-based ERP like Acumatica is that everything you need to run your business in a digital space is located in one system. Rather than host separate solutions for sales management, inventory tracking, payment input, and other necessary business software, Acumatica puts it all in one place for you.

This means that all the data involved in your business is also in one place. That’s helpful because Acumatica can take information on your sales and inventory and help make recommendations on when to reorder parts or gear up for a busier stretch of jobs. Cloud-based software is also mobile, meaning all of these new tools to take advantage of only require Acumatica, there’s no need for major, expensive equipment upgrades.

Understand Your Productivity Better with ERP Software

Acumatica is a cloud-based platform that updates in real-time. That means that the moment your HVAC technician or refrigeration specialist uses a part for a repair job, that is coming off the inventory. With real-time updating, your team won’t be stuck thinking they can complete a request only to find that they don’t have the equipment they need.

Real-time updates also apply to scheduling. You can better manage your team’s ability to take on a busy workload by tracking who is handling what area of service that day and allowing them to divide and conquer much more strategically. Technicians also appreciate Acumatica’s user interface because it works seamlessly like many other digital platforms and apps they already know and love.

Updates and Improvements to Acumatica Software

When a new feature from Acumatica launches, you’re not going to have to track someone down to get it. Acumatica updates automatically to its newest and most improved versions. That means that you’re not going to run the risk of investing in this software only to find you’re using outdated solutions six months later.

Cloud-based software also harnesses digital resources to run its effective and comprehensive suite of solutions, meaning you won’t need to buy brand new devices just to then spend money on software. You can use your equipment if it’s compatible with Acumatica and immediately harness the power of these proven tools for success.

Personalised Plans and Dashboards

Depending on the member of your team taking advantage of Acumatica ERP software, they might need different tools and software than other coworkers. For example, your HR team might need access to payroll and payment management solutions that your field technicians don’t need. Acumatica personalises each employee’s dashboard to see what is relevant to their tasks and roles. Management will see everything, which means they can track reports and data from every aspect of the job in one place.

You can manage Acumatica from anywhere as well, meaning that management isn’t required to only access the full range of software tools when they’re in the main office. This is beneficial as many teams work more remotely or on the go.

Costs Only Include What You Need

Lastly, Acumatica is scalable, meaning you can access every tool you need and not get stuck paying for ones that you don’t. If you find yourself growing and in need of additional solutions.

It’s the best way to manage cost concerns when money might be a bit tight while also ensuring that every HVAC and refrigeration company can take advantage of these solutions. Not to mention, the cost of these solutions for ERP software in field services return to you from the get-go thanks to all of the increased productivity your team experiences.

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