Why Acumatica Enterprise Software is the Biggest Advantage to Growing Electrical and Plumbing Businesses

January 17, 2023 | Insights

Acumatica Field Service Management

Industry in Focus with Gavin Bell, Pinnacle Pre-Sales Consultant for Acumatica, The Cloud ERP.

Why Acumatica Enterprise Software is the Biggest Advantage to Growing Electrical and Plumbing Businesses

A lot of the traditional challenges facing electrical and plumbing businesses today have persisted throughout the decades. Some of these challenges include managing the dispatch of technicians in widespread areas, managing payment systems in an increasingly digital age, and looking at room for growth while trying to maximise your team while combating high workloads. Like a lot of major technological advances, Acumatica enterprise software is proving to be one of the best answers to a lot of these questions facing electrical and plumbing businesses.

It’s important for management in these fields that any investment in a new tool or resource for running a business helps a team rather than hinders it. While ERP software for electrical and plumbing businesses does bring a major transition, the seamless adoption of its benefits prove to be worth the money and time it takes to get your team on-board from the get-go. Here’s why Acumatica , The Cloud ERP, software is the biggest advantage electrical and plumbing businesses have in sustaining growth and increasing productivity while making the lives of technicians easier.

What is Acumatica?

Acumatica is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider that leads many major industries including electrical, plumbing, manufacturing, and more in providing cloud-based tools to teams looking to eliminate headaches and hurdles these industries have experienced for decades.

Some of the major perks of Acumatica software include easy-to-read data reports that measure how your team is doing, scheduling software for managing a team that travels to numerous job sites, and inventory and payment management so all tools necessary to complete a successful job are in one place for technicians and managers. Let’s dive into specific perks of Acumatica ERP for plumbing and electrical companies.

Benefits of Acumatica ERP for Electrical and Plumbing Businesses

For starters, every electrical and plumbing business operating today is likely facing a few major concerns whether business is booming or things have been a bit slower. Managing an entire team of technicians and the various job calls they’ll receive on a daily basis can leave a staff spread thin without any real guide to managing all the various places they’ll need to go that day. Furthermore, managing things like inventory for parts needed to complete repair jobs as well as payment management platforms might exist in a number of different systems, software, and digital spaces that make jumping back and forth between them feel cumbersome.

Acumatica ERP is a comprehensive solution to every digital tool your electrical or plumbing company needs to maximise productivity and take away the stress that comes with the demanding workload. Here are a few key benefits of Acumatica ERP.

Acumatica ERP Saves You Money, Even While Adding New Tools

Acumatica ERP is hosted in the cloud, meaning you’re able to cut costs on physical hardware and server resources for your business. Rather than worry about upgrading out of date equipment, you can maximise the potential of your team with the computing and data management hardware you have right now.

Not to mention, Acumatica ERP is scalable, meaning you’re only going to pay for what your team needs. Every plan is built to fit your specific requirements for cost, utility, and team size, meaning that this is a specific platform of enterprise resources tailored to you.

Job Data Reports and Scheduling Tools

One issue many plumbing and electrical companies face is the heavy workload a team experiences on any given day. Not to mention, it’s sometimes hard to track how well a team is doing when they’re rushing from one job to the next. Acumatica ERP provides performance data tracking and reporting for teams to measure how well things are going. This inherently shows you what could be improved to maximize each technician’s day so they’re finding success every time they take a new job.

Additionally, scheduling software that’s hosted in the cloud updates in real-time, meaning that technicians can take a call and the rest of the team can know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re heading. This can help with managing widespread job areas that might eliminate your team back-tracking to various locations thanks to intuitive digital scheduling software that can show you where calls are coming from and who is in that area to field that request.

Growth Comes Naturally with Acumatica ERP

As a cloud-based ERP platform designed to fit your needs, Acumatica is scalable and can expand its utility as your company grows. With a host of digital software tools designed to increase productivity, manage your team’s work more effectively, and help you track outcome data reports for internal audits of time management and technician performance, you’re gaining knowledge into your company that can be used to help you grow.

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