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Sage 50 Payroll

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Keep up to date with the latest payroll and pension legislation

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Automate manual payroll processes on the run up to pay day

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Easily manage employees and make sense of your payroll data

Automate your payroll processes

Automate your payroll processes

Sage 50 Payroll takes the hassle out of payroll calculations and paying your employees, automating your entire payroll process.

  • Run your payroll the way you want to: run your payroll at a time that’s best for your business, whether it's weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly or monthly.
  • Automatically calculate wages: Sage 50 Payroll automatically calculates payments, deductions and net-to-gross calculations, doing all the hard work for you.
  • Stay up to date: with the latest legislation such as RTI and Automatic Enrolment. 
  • Pay employees in a way that suits you: you can choose from a variety of layouts to email or print employee payslips. You can even connect Sage 50 Payroll to your e-banking service and pay your employees electronically.
  • Set up & define deductions: With Sage 50 Payroll you can set up and customise deductions such as childcare vouchers, pensions and Cycle to Work scheme.

Manage your employees

Manage your employees

Sage 50 Payroll has lots of extra features to help you manage your people.

  • Securely store information: all of your employee information is kept in one secure location. Store information including personal details, appraisals & disciplinaries, job and salary history and other related documents.
  • Efficiently manage holidays: you can store and allocate holiday allowance in hours or days, and manage different holiday schemes based on specified entitlement.
  • Record custom absence types: in addition to recording holidays and sick leave, you can customise different absence types to suit your business, such as unpaid leave.

Make sense of your data

Sage 50 Payroll has a range of customisable reports that help you make sense of your payroll data, analyse trends and forecast changes.

  • Create reminders: by date and time, helping you keep up to date with what needs to be done and assisting you in running all of your payroll tasks.
  • Easily find the reports you need: with the intuitive report browser and easy-to-understand labelling, it's quick and easy to find the report you're looking for.
  • Save time by running batch reports: With Sage 50 Payroll you can run and print all the reports you need in one batch.
  • Keep your data safe and secure: you can output reports to PDF and protect them with a password to keep them secure.
  • Customise your own reports and payslips: there's a range of layouts for you to choose from, or you can use the built-in Report Designer which lets you easily customise your reports, payslips and other documents.

Comply with payroll & pension legislation

  • With Sage 50 Payroll you can rest assured your payroll is up-to-date with the very latest payroll legislation, including RTI and Automatic Enrolment. 
  • Prepare for Automatic Enrolment: create an action plan, set up a pension or calculate the cost of Automatic Enrolment to your business in The Pensions Centre.
  • Manage and submit: your payroll information to HMRC under the new RTI legislation and keep a record of your submissions.
  • Automatically calculate statutory payments: such as tax, PAYE, National Insurance, sick pay, maternity pay and more.
  • Submit securely to HMRC online: you can submit forms securely to HMRC directly from your software. Easily exchange information with HMRC too, such as P45, student loans and tax code changes.

Avoid costly fines: by choosing software that's recognised by HMRC and complies with all the latest legislation, you can help your business avoid fines up to £3,000.

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