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SmartFreight® is a multi-carrier management software which now gives Sage 200 customers the ability to have a single point of integration to all your carriers. Parcel and Pallet. SmartFreight has over 650 carriers globally.  

Integrating carriers to Sage products has traditionally been a timely and costly exercise and often ties you into the status quo.

SmartFreight will integrate all your existing carriers to your ERP and offer automatic consignment entry and label printing, removing the need for manual entry. In addition, SmartFreight will also optimise your shipment to ensure you are selecting the best service based on your business logic and rules, be it price, speed or even selecting the shipping option with the lowest carbon footprint. 

Customer experience is everything and that doesn’t stop with shipping, SmartFreight gives you the ability to send out automatic shipping notifications and tracking via a tracking portal that can be branded to give your customer a consistent experience regardless of the carrier being used. 

If your using your own vehicles in addition to third party carriers you can carry on that great customer experience and apply Tracker for Transport to keep a consistent tracking journey for your customers regardless of the method used for delivery. 

SmartFreight gives you the ability to manage your carriers in a timely and effective manor. SmartFreight has over 100 reports in the programme to assist every department right the way through from Finance to the warehouse and you can even create your own.

Last but by no means least SmartFreight give you the ability to import all of your carrier invoices and will automatically reconcile your invoices in a matter of minutes ensuring you never get overcharged again.

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