Pinnacle supports the entire IT network of security firm CIS Security

Pinnacle supports the entire IT network of security firm CIS Security

Customer Profile

CIS Security is an award-winning security company, founded in 1969 by two former police officers. It provides front-of-house staff such as receptionists, concierges, security guards and door supervisors, as well as a whole range of behind the scenes services such as CCTV monitoring and car-park management.

Sector: Services

Business Need: Business Management

Location: London, United Kingdom

Employees: 1500 Employees

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A step by step approach

When CIS Security asked for support in installing a Sage-related server, Pinnacle cast an experienced eye over the company’s network and identified areas where it could be improved. Steve Downs, Technical Development Manager at CIS Security, says, “We’d come to recognise the importance of IT to our growing business and Pinnacle’s proactive approach was a huge contrast with the incumbent support partner, who had taken little initiative in helping us to innovate and move forward.” He continues, “We really warmed to Pinnacle’s pragmatic approach. When we discussed the possibility of bringing support for all our IT under their roof, they didn’t demand that we do a clean sweep. Rather, they proposed an incremental process, looking at what aspects of our IT were working just fine and could be retained, as well as what was needed to get us where we wanted to be. It proved a very attractive proposition, and as soon as we were released from the previous support contract, we made the switch to Pinnacle as our single point of contact for all IT related issues.”

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No hard sell

Steve goes on to observe, “We feel we’ve formed a real relationship with real people. The Pinnacle team are very open, friendly and flexible, and go out of their way to help us. There’s no hard sell and we know if they recommend new technology, it is for our benefit and will save us money over time. We’re in touch almost daily and meet Nigel, our Pinnacle Business Development Consultant, on a regular basis, to review how things are going and where our IT infrastructure could be refined to further support our growing business.” Pinnacle’s recommendations for overhauling the CIS Security network included pruning down its server estate from six ageing servers to a configuration of one hypervisor and one domain controller, a set-up that is more powerful and yet also easier to manage and monitor. By upgrading and streamlining the CIS Security IT network, Pinnacle has provided a platform for business growth, with the flexibility to expand further in the future, including the possibility of opening new offices outside London.

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Strengthening business resilience

As a security company, CIS Security takes business continuity very seriously indeed. The company’s security consultancy services help clients to ‘think the unthinkable’, to protect their business continuity by envisaging and planning for the worst case. CIS Security practises what it preaches, knowing that its clients expect uninterrupted protection round the clock, all year round. It safeguards its own business with multiple contingency plans that can be activated in the event of an emergency, such as a power outage, ransomware attack, or natural disaster. To support these plans, Pinnacle provides resilient offsite backup. Steve explains, “Our data is essentially held in a secure bunker. If we were to suffer a major data loss or the building was compromised, we would be able to restore our data and be back in action very rapidly.” This multifaceted strategy helps CIS Security to satisfy the stringent security requirements of its clients, particularly those operating in the financial sector, and has been a factor in winning new business.

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Supporting remote sites

In recognising the strategic role that Pinnacle has played in helping CIS Security to achieve its growth ambitions, Steve doesn’t overlook the provision of essential day-to-day user support: “Around half of our users are in our London head office and the rest are site managers located up and down the country. Should they ever be in need of technical support, they contact Pinnacle directly. Response times are excellent; I’d say 99% of issues are resolved within a few hours. It never drags on.” These remote managers have also benefited from the move from a Microsoft Exchange server to cloud-based Microsoft Office 365, which provides easy in-the-cloud access to business tools such as email from any location with an internet connection. It’s easier to add users, and keep them up to date. Pinnacle has ensured that managers on remote sites also have a good connection over which to hold virtual meetings. Steve comments, “It’s vital that we make it as easy as possible for our managers on the ground to communicate back to head office, so that they can dedicate maximum time to our clients and staff.” Not only has the migration to Office 365 improved remote employees’ access to data, as a cloud solution it has cut costs by reducing the amount of data needing to be stored and backed up on the server.

"Over time, we have come to rely on Pinnacle for virtually everything relating to our IT: the supply of hardware such as laptops, servers, printers, PCs; IT support; offsite backup; IT security software; our VOIP phone system… the list goes on. Pinnacle even hosts our website. In fact, it would be easier to say what they don’t look after!"

Steve Downs, Technical Development Manager
CIS Security

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